Classic Charm, Modern Comfort:

Chairs and Sofas That Stand Time’s Test

Since the 1980s, we’ve been in the business of creating cosy furniture that’s a true labour of love, passed down from one generation to another, using traditional methods. Our specialty lies in crafting sofas, chairs, wing chairs, and office chairs, all meticulously made right here in the UK.

For Individuals and Businesses Alike

Whether you’re revamping your home or looking to outfit your business, we’re here for you. We’re not only experts in retail sales; we’re also equipped to handle substantial trade orders. If you’re a hotel, club, or business aiming to elevate your space, we can help.
Handmade to perfection

Built for you

Many modern companies prefer to use machines and machine-made products in their upholstery to speed up the process, but our frames are hand-made to our exact specifications, and we always hand spring our seats so that each sofa can be individually adjusted for optimum comfort.

Because we make to order, you can have much more freedom over the detailing of your piece.

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